Welcome to Jammu & Kashmir Police Public School Srinagar

Monday - Saturday : 8:00 AM to 5:00 Pm

Co-curricular activities :

Co-curricular and socialist activities

Co-curricular and socialist activities are well balanced. Creative activities, sports and value education from and internal part of school curriculum are carried out as these bring an overall development of personality of a child.

Sports activities

Participation of students in sports activities at international/ National State/ District level During Year 2014-17.

Event level Game No. of students participated Position obtained
International Sqay Martial Art 01 4th position
National level Judo 04 -
Taekwando 05 -
Yoga 02 -
State level Yoga 02 02
Volley Ball 07 Winner
Football 06 Runner
Wushu 09 07
Judo 04 04
Taekwando 05 05
Division Level Taekwondo 10 05
Wushu 15 07
Judo 12 06
Cricket 15 Runner
Kho Kho 13 Runner
Kabadi 12 Winner
Yoga 08 05

School Band -

The band of the school comprises of good strength of students is well equipped with band material, uniform and other requirements. It gives a very impressive display at the time of annual function, parades and school inspections.

Vacation/ Holidays -

As per orders of the concerned authority.